15 000 000

customer accounts

120 Collaborators

To host, manage, analyze, secure, visualize your data

24/7 Hotline

Designing, implementing and configuring your solution and Bespoke support.

30 years’

experience working retail industry

Aquitem & Aliénor.net

After a series of external growth operations, AQUITEM and ALIENOR.NET currently develop services in 6 major areas:

  • Zefid’ for managing loyalty programmes for major brands
  • Data hosting with enhanced services
  • A solution for independent retailers: MaCartefid’
  • Web expertise with enhanced web marketing
  • MyDataviz’, a software Saas model platform, entirely accessible via the internet
  • MyIA, our latest project

Our range of skills…

Our 120 employees are dedicated professionals.
Their main professions are development; project management; system and network engineering; data science; marketing; graphic design; and user assistance, to name a few.

DATA is the focal point for all of us.
We help you host it, structure it, analyze it, secure it, visualize it… and act upon it.