A responsible business

Aquitem and Aliénor.net are companies that are mindful to conduct business in a sustainable, responsible manner.

Located in the Bordeaux region for the past 30 years, we feel strongly about conducting business with a long-term vision of our relationship with our employees, our clients and partners.

We want to make a positive contribution to our region’s economy through our relationship with our ecosystem and by taking a responsible attitude towards the issues stemming from the transitions we are currently undergoing.

This mindset translates to countless small gestures that make all the difference on a daily basis and over time…

Youth training

We hire and train between 5 and 10 apprentices every year, ranging from degree to second-year master’s degree level. We have partnership arrangements with numerous training centres and are involved in course guidance, youth training and promoting the appeal of our lines of business.

Relationships with schools

Some of our employees liaise with schools and universities, providing education as industry lecturers, taking part in examination boards and offering advice for improvement…

Donations and support

For 17 years, we have been supporting 3 associations – La Bous’sol, Ricochet and Caroussel – by making annual donations and offering ad hoc assistance (collections, donation of equipment or furniture…).

Regional ecosystem

We take a very proactive role in voluntary work within the regional ecosystem, working with associations involved in digital technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.