A magical tool to manage your dashboards and prepare your targeting!

What is data visualization ?

Data visualization allows you to depict your data using charts in the form of dashboards.

Mydataviz’ addresses numerous issues: visualization of data from a range of sources on the same dashboard; real-time data presentation; interactive questioning in a single click; export and sharing of visuals… All of which can be done in a simplified, user-friendly way.

And that’s not all. More importantly, MyDataviz’ is a powerful, simple tool for questioning and defining targets that is entirely incorporated into campaign management.

MyDataviz’ Studio Platform

The MyDataviz’ solution is entirely developed by Aquitem and is unlike any other ‘old generation’ solution.

  • MyDataviz’ Studio is a software Saas model platform, entirely accessible via the internet. Use of MyDataviz’ Studio is highly intuitive – it really is child’s play.
  • Each available dashboard is automatically updated in real-time.
  • Processing of large volumes of data is no longer a problem and response times are virtually instant.
  • Each profile has specific access to data (specific dashboards, access rights for a region, consultation or creation rights).

Flexible services

This is the starting point for everything!

If you have your data under control, then there is no issue. If, however, you need help or you simply lack time, our MyDataviz’ experts are on hand to identify the data sources that can be used for your data visualization plans.

Your data probably needs to be transformed and/or cleaned before being used and, once again, you can benefit from our expertise when it comes to both.

Once the data has been identified, we provide you with support in establishing the flows required to update the data warehouse, which can be daily, weekly or in real time.

Our teams will develop the IT methods and routines that prepare data for visualization.

All the data collected, and possibly enhanced with third-party data (national statistics office etc), are processed and stored securely so that ultimately they can be made available for the Studio and therefore the end user (you?) through interactive dashboards.

The interactive dashboards available for each of the users can be customized based on your own needs and obviously may evolve as your needs change.

Your needs might include KPIs, development curves, histograms, geo-marketing analysis or more complex graphs for analysing your data. No problem, Mydataviz’s got you covered.

You can use the dashboards that we create and customize for you and you can even design new dashboards on your own if you’d rather.

Do you want to create your own dashboards or simply use the ones we have created for you? Mydataviz’ offers very short training courses. After just a few hours of using Studio, you will be able to personalize your own visualizations and create new ones.

Mydataviz’ provides maintenance 24/7 for the software platform.

Mydataviz’ evolves regularly and the solution will always cater to new usages.