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Set up

Designing, implementing and configuring your solution.

Set up

Our experts help you get started

Setting up or transforming a customer loyalty programme requires proficiency in many technical aspects.

Our experts (infrastructure, systems and front and back-end development) will examine with you the secure data flows to be implemented using your systems (ERP, cash registers, websites, etc.), the interfaces to be developed and the adjustments to be made to our tools so that they dovetail perfectly with your requirements.

Defining the basic mechanisms of a programme but also working on strategy, execution plans and staff training are all aspects where we help you through the thought process.

We draw on our considerable expertise in this field, dating back over twenty years, whilst also taking on board your specific needs for each of the programmes we set up in order to produce a unique programme together.

Whether you work with your own agency or you expect full support in this area, our teams are on hand to create or adapt your physical (print, cards, forms…) or digital materials (web, html framework, responsive, rich messaging…).

We have our own graphics studio that can take an active role in creating or executing a graphic charter that matches your image.

We help you implement a policy of compliance with provisions regarding the use of personal data, in all phases of the programme, starting from its design: general conditions of use, the method of collecting information, the importance of respecting informed consent, etc., but also in the operation of the programme for implementing all the procedures (supply of information, unsubscribing, right to be forgotten, etc.). This will allow you to demonstrate to your customers that their data is processed in compliance with the regulations and that a genuine relationship of trust can therefore be established between you and them.


Bespoke support.


Our teams support you

We provide you with a dedicated contact person who will know you and your network and will help you with all the marketing and technical projects regarding your programme.

Our account managers are akin to the conductor of an orchestra in that they know how to guide and put you in touch with our experts (technical, marketing, development, statistics, communications…) every time you need them.

Their expertise, bolstered by the dozens of retailers we work with, allows them to immerse themselves in your profession rapidly, whilst bringing you broader usages and best practices.

The ZeFid’ division was established within the Aquitem group over 20 years ago – this kind of longevity is only achieved by constantly coming up with something fresh and different.

Our R&D team constantly liaises with people out on the ground. The new tools or new uses stem systematically from observations made at business level, which allows us to provide constant improvements that are immediately operational.

The ‘Mydataviz’ solution offers tangible proof of this as it stems from the thought that went into developing our ZeFid’ tools.