ZeFid’ Plan

Managing your national campaigns

You create national, subscription-based campaigns, you define the distribution channels, the visuals and the content but also the recommended targeting.

Your shops can subscribe and potentially change the targeted customers and choose their distribution channels.

Your graphic charter is protected, your communications standardized across your network and you follow subscriptions in real time. On launch day, ZeFid’ Plan manages the entire campaign for you.

All you have to do is follow feedback results and ROI.

Zefid' Plan
ZeFid' Plan - Julie


JULIE – 35 YEARS OLD – MARKETING DIRECTOR of a 50 store chain.

She needs the tools to run her marketing plan independently. She wants to make her selections, send emailings, SMS, catalogs from the same platform and be able to follow the ROI of her operations.

She enjoys being independent but appreciates the benefit of advice when in doubt.

She prepares campaigns for all stores and franchisees.

For some campaigns, it gives them control over the target and their budget.

She needs agility, speed and the ability to delegate actions when she is short on time.

Its needs

Graphic design