L’IA by Aquitem

The IA (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be a natural evolution for the retail professions. Convinced of this idea, the Aquitem Group has been able to transform itself and from the outset put in place the teams and technological developments necessary to integrate this brick into its customer loyalty solutions.

For the past 2 years, the Aquitem group has been developing and testing practical applications of Artificial Intelligence.

The aim is to enhance targeting and returns on marketing drives and to bring a new perspective to store performance. This is known as Predictive Marketing and the results are both achievable and very promising.

To reach this goal, the Aquitem group launched a dedicated project group comprising data scientists and data analysts. They are supported by development and marketing teams to ensure the solutions align with what really happens out on the ground and take on board the specific features of your line of business, such as seasonality.

AI by Aquitem