MyIA for Zefid

Both directly in store via apps or the wallet, by SMS, e-mail, mail or in real time, as visitors browse the website, our engine finds “the right customer, the right product at the right time and for the right channel”.

Our algorithms adapt to the data in your possession :
customers, sales, e-commerce, internet browsing, e-mailing and social media – to collect and analyse the necessary data in order to provide the most accurate response possible.

Our data scientists liaise with the marketing department to personalize each algorithm so that the specifics of your line of business (seasonality, location specifics etc) can be taken on board.

Another advantage of Predictive Marketing is that you can reallocate savings for new offers in order to enhance your performance.

The following are some examples of AI usage:

  • Offering the best products to each customer
  • Identifying the best customers for each product
  • Detecting new customers with potential
  • Predicting churn rates
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Tracking sequences of purchases over time