ZeFid’ Design

Creating your e-mailings and SMSINGs

Create SMSes and emails without forgetting anything from an interface designed for all user profiles, from the expert who is able to directly incorporate the HTML code to the beginner who simply wants to change an image or text in a pre-modelled message.

The result is immediately visible and you can always request the assistance of a ZeFid’ expert. This is such a time saver for executing your campaigns!

Zefid' Design
Zefid' Design Anaïs 27 ans


ANAIS – 27 YEARS – CAMPAIGN MANAGER in a group of 8 brands bringing together 850 points of sale.

She is responsible for adapting the brand’s communication to make it into email and SMS campaigns.

She also prepares customizable campaigns for stores.

From time to time, she has an intern for graphic design, but also needs to be supported for the variations of some of her productions.

Thanks to ZeFid ’Design, she can create HTML for her emails, but also prepare charted campaigns in which stores can simply change an image or a text.

It creates its SMS campaigns in a few clicks and sets up operational kits ready to be deployed by stores.

Its needs

Graphic design