ZeFid’ Survey

Managing your customer satisfaction in real time

Because your customer satisfaction is your priority, ZeFid’ has incorporated a complete tool that allows you to check and track their opinions in real time. Survey requests are sent out automatically after a visit based on the rules defined together. Customers respond using their mobiles, tablets or computers and you get a summary of their responses in real time.

Obviously, ZeFid’ Dataviz’ helps you filter the results to enhance your services.

Zefid' Survey
Zefid' Survey Alain 46 ans


ALAIN – 46 YEARS OLD – CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER of a 95-store chain and an e-commerce site.

He likes being able to respond to a client knowingly. In his previous experiences he suffered from scattered information: some on ERP, others with the emailing campaign provider, others managed by the Community Manager …

He likes being able to have a Unique Customer Repository and have a complete customer journey. Since his arrival, he has implemented post-visit satisfaction surveys, and he is delighted to follow the results day by day.

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