ZeFid’ Select

Choose your own targeting criteria

You no longer need to learn complicated languages to query your customer data: ZeFid’ Select allows you to select a target based on all the behavioural criteria of your customers simply and intuitively.

Who are they? What do they consume? Which campaigns appeal to them? You count then select a target that will be used directly to launch a marketing campaign.

These targets are subsequently used in ZeFid’ Touch to roll out the campaigns.

Zefid' Select


ERIC – 55 YEARS OLD – CRM MANAGER of a brand with 40 branches and 200 franchisees.

He manages the loyalty program: he designed it and chose Aquitem to operate it.

He has a small team, so he needs flexibility in the management of his operations and expertise in choosing his directions.

He likes having the tools to be independent, but is reassured that he can rely on professional consultants to answer his questions.

It must also be able to provide tools to its franchisees.

He does not have a Datamining service but knows that it is essential to be able to call on this type of skills on demand.

Its needs