MyIA Prestashop

Drawing on our experience with multiple retailers, we have adapted our AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to e-commerce websites using Prestashop so that you can benefit from the technology (A.I. MyAI for Prestashop).

Our algorithms connect either directly to your online data or to an export of your data. They adapt dynamically to the configuration of your products by taking into account the variations (characteristics and features) along with order, customer and delivery data.

The following are some examples of AI usage:

  • Offering the best products to each customer
  • Finding the best customers for each product
  • Real-time feedback of recommended products during browsing via APIs

We can provide you with support geared to your strategy at every stage of implementation.

We can also provide you with a unique service by exporting a file with our recommendations that you can use as you see fit…

Our teams of marketing experts can also incorporate the results into e-mailing, SMS-ing, social media etc campaigns…

From a data perspective, we establish a long-term strategy to provide you with consideration about your data (RFM segmentation for example, Pareto etc) as well the marketing drives to implement in addition to the recommendations stemming from AI.

MyIA for Prestashop